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     With the technology of today, it is now incredibly easy for us to get together to create magic… and a reality with your body and health that truly works for you! Amongst travelling, I am mostly based in beautiful Noosa, QLD, Australia. If you are close, come and see me there.

If that is not possible right now, we can do private sessions via Skype. No matter where you are in the world, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and a willingness to have greater health!

How does it get even easier than that?!

Well, actually, soon you will be able to pay directly over this website… so that’s even easier.

Contact me here to book your sessions!

What are the infinite possibilities for greater ease, joy and possibilities with your body right now?!

Are you willing to have way more than you ever dreamed possible?!

“Max is an amazing intuitive practitioner. His sensitivity, accuracy, and caring nature allowed me to feel completely nurtured and looked after. Many thanks Max!”
Sarah, Personal Growth Facilitator and mother of 2


“I highly recommend Max as a body worker who is highly intuitive and sensitive to what your body requires for change! My session with Max was gentle, nurturing and gave me a greater sense of presence, peace and calm with my body. I love being connected with my body again, thank you Max!”
Shirley-Anne, ‘Birthing a Conscious Child’