Monthly Coaching

Monthly Coaching

If you are like most other people who are interested in this work (& play!), you want to have it all & more and you want it yesterday!

You are not satisfied by the current state of your life and you are ready to blast off into great heights of health and consciousness. Yesterday!

It’s likely that you have also experienced some slumps for minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months where you have felt solidly stuck and unable to shift the heaviness that seemingly concretised you in place!

If you are considering taking the leap up to Monthly Coaching with Max, it’s likely that you have experienced the speed and effectiveness of the tools and processes of Access Consciousness and realise the benefit of having one-on-one facilitation at the times when it counts most.

Would this level of support and guidance create change for you at a far greater speed than not??

Are you willing to move into a space of being where your health is no longer limiting your life?!

What Monthly Coaching gives you:

Monthly Coaching with Max involves:

  • 2 x 1 hour sessions via Skype
  • 2 x 10 minute check-in calls via phone or skype
  • a video series giving you an in depth perspective of the tools of Access Consciousness, and
  • access to facilitation with Max at the times when you require it most via phone
  • and a BONUS monthly content video only available for coaching clients


AUD$595 per month

3 months paid in advance at the beginning, with the option of completing the coaching any month


Monthly Coaching requires you to have a substantial commitment to you and your life. If you have a persistent unwillingness to engage in the process with sincerity, Max has the right to discontinue the Monthly Coaching at his discretion.

You will be encouraged to always choose what feels light for you through the entirety of the coaching term… to follow your knowing as you are the only one who truly knows what you require.

Contact Max to find out whether Monthly Coaching is suited to you and will give you the results you would truly like!