About Max

     Max Zoulek was born in Munich, Germany and migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 8. Always seeking greater awareness, health and happiness, he has discovered the transformational tools of Access Consciousness and is committed to catapulting each of his clients and class participants to discovering, knowing and being their true potential.

Max is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, University-trained Naturopath, father of 2 amazing children and resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.

And more from Me… ;)

I have always felt a deep desire for moving into greater consciousness… after being involved in a vast variety of self-development, spiritual and health-related groups and modalities, it is so awesome (literally) to have discovered the tools of Access Consciousness to find clarity (not somebody else’s point of view) and make real progress in travelling my path in Health and Consciousness!

What if consciousness was about the joy of living?! What if it was about including you in every part of your life?!

After suffering poor health myself for many years and the doctors eventually coming to a diagnosis of exclusion (this means they have no idea of what’s going on) of Irritable Bowel and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, I was at a real loss with what to do to change things for me.

Sincerely using the tools of Access Consciousness has allowed me to create the ease, joy and energy with my body that I always knew was possible! And beyond that, things are changing in even more phenomenal ways in every part of my life… my business is growing dynamically, I am facilitating classes overseas, I am the father I have always wanted to be and I feel more connected to myself and the people around me than ever before!

As I often ask myself, “Truly, how does it get even better than this?!”

These days, I get real joy and satisfaction in facilitating my clients and class participants in reaching their targets and potential. And, WOW! it looks so exquisite and different for all of them!

So if you would like to play, you know how to reach me, and lets change the world together! Is now the time for you to truly know what you know?!