4 Session Package with Max

4 Session Package

Since very early on in our lives, we begin to take on limitations and ways of functioning that do not promote our real potential. Over time, this way of living our lives can begin to create dis-ease and disharmony within our bodies which, if left unchanged, does not usually lead to the life we would truly like to have.

Can you change this amount of conditioning in one session? It is definitely possible.

Might it take a few sessions? Maybe.

What do you require?

The 4 session package is designed to create a substantial change in the way you currently perceive your life and the world by giving you the tools to create lasting change.

By purchasing the 4 session package, you also receive 4 bonus videos, 1 between each session to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the tools and processes.

Are you ready to move into a life of ease, joy and health?

Are you willing to leave behind what doesn’t work for you?

Are you willing to choose what works for you no matter what that looks like?!

Are you willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone to have far greater possibilities show up in your life?!!

Contact Max here to arrange your 4 session package today!

Package cost is AUD$560 easily payable by card or direct bank transfer (Australia) or via Pay Pal (International).